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First Sunset

Dillon Beach, Calif.
Jan. 1, 2003

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Eugenie invited us to a New Year's Party out at Dillon Beach, and while we didn't make it out that evening, we got there about 20 hours later, to take in the year's first sunset there, where Tomales Bay meets the Pacific. In the parking lot, we spotted a VW Eurovan, our current obsession. This one was a full camper van, with the stove-sink-refrigerator unit, but we're leaning towards the Weekender model, which skips the kitchen and offers only the two beds (including the pop-up), a pop-up table, and a 12-volt cooler. (As my boss Lang, who just bought one, said, 'Am I really going to cook onions in my car?') Its owners didn't catch us snooping around, poking our noses into their car, but we noticed them and watched jealously as they returned to the warm comfort of their little home-away-from-home and putted slowly up the hillside out of town.