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Santa Rosa Christmas

Santa Rosa
December 2020

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As Christmas approached, we had planned to return to the Rancho in Long Beach for the holiday. But this year, LA County's Covid-19 caseload was spiking out of control, and the ICUs and ERs were running out of room. So we thought, why not stay here and have Christmas in Santa Rosa, for the first time since 2016? Jen finished up her hospital shifts and drove north on Christmas Eve.

We did a lot of fun stuff.

Ellie and I replaced the decades-old hood above the stove.

We made puzzles.

We walked around the neighborhoods after dark to see the Christmas lights.

Jen & I had a nice two-pod Christmas get-together with Flo and Craig.

We watched the finale of The Bachelorette, and we made a drinking game for It's a Wonderful Life. We had to drink every time someone did something problematic. We had to drink every time George Bailey didn't get to do something that he wanted. We had to drink every time someone committed assault, drink twice if the assault was somehow positioned as "romantic." We wound up drinking a lot that night.

We went to Dutch Bros and got puppucinos, which the kittens also enjoyed.

I made a wreath from clippings found around the yard.

We saw the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, along with Jupiter's moons and Saturn's rings, through Ed's telescope.

It was a nice surprise to come home for Christmas.