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Kayaking Along Cannery Row

Monterey, Calif.
September 7, 2019

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Why was I hesitant to go along on the office's Leadership Retreat at the Carmel Valley Inn? I worried about being publicly indicted for my lackadaisical approach to actually showing up at the office. Instead, it was just a casual hangout at a plush California resort, with splendid views, nice meals with some of the people I like best in the office, and an outing of our choice -- for us, kayaking along Cannery Row.

After our paddle, we wandered up to Cannery Row for lunch, and found this great statue along the water. Jen was glad to see that although this monument appears to be mostly to the men of Cannery Row -- guys like Nobel Prize winning author John Steinbeck and his friend, marine biology pioneer Ed Ricketts -- the committee didn't forget to include some women, too. You can see on the right they've included Flora, the town madam, and one of her "girls," too (not quite on her back, but semi reclined).