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Why amphora vases are pointed at the bottom

Bodrum, Turkey
June 25, 2015

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Em and I left the beach, with its sexy Russian dancer girls, and made our way out to the old crusader castle on a peninsula in the harbor, to visit the Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

And for most of the 10,000 years that maritime trade has been running across the Meditteranean, amphora vases played a key role, carrying wine and olive oil and various other commodities across the waters -- and regularly sinking to the bottomof the sea as ships wrecked.

I had never realized they were pointed at the bottom to fit into rows of crate-like boxes on the inside of ships' hulls, like eggs in a carton.

That was a good day's work for us, so we celebrated with fresh-squeezed orange juice in a shaded courtyard.