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What You're Seeing Here

Coleman Valley Road
Sept. 7, 2002

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Once or twice a year, he clambers down from his hermitage in the coastal woods -- a madman, some say, bent on telling the tales of the Old Myths and Long Extinct Animals in the only art form he knows: twisting balloons. Some say he learned his art traveling with the circus, others that he studied in the salons of Paris, or lived among the puppet masters who wander the Malayan peninsula.

But wherever the source of his education, the real mystery remains: what the hell are these things he's shaping? Are they supposed to be animals? Or clothing? Or just tubes of latex, twisted madly and angrily into pretzel shapes with only abstract meanings?

Watch the QuickTime movie (2.1 Mbytes) of this latest siting for clues to this enigma.