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Ellie's Awards

Slater Middle School
May 16, 2012

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We approached the middle-school awards night with a fair amount of trepidation: three years earlier, we felt Em had been robbed of one or two awards she seemed to deserve, awards which went instead to popular kids who sweeped categories. It was a little heartbreaking.

Were they more evenly distributed this year? Or was our kid just one of those sweepers? Either way, I felt that as a family we were vindicated.

Ellie took home six awards, including top citizen and the best English student in the school, a prize that came with a $100 award.

One of our favorite teachers for both daughters, Joe Walsh, revealed the winner of the top citizen award by reading this list which spelled out her name:

Electrical storm
Impish Grin
Endearing Enthusiasm

Magnetic Intelligence
She lights up a room without burning it down