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Visiting Arizonans

San Francisco
Oct. 7, 2006

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Chuck & Marion come out every year for an appointment in San Francisco, after which we usually see them for sailing or wine tasting. This year, Chuck couldn't make it so Marion brought Laura instead. We went down to see them on what turned out to be Saturday of Fleet Week. After lunch at the Ferry Building, we went up to the 38th floor lunch room at my office and watched the Navy jets fly around the building. Jen had even brought a birthday cake -- Ellie's, Laura's and my birthdays are all within a week -- though office security can be proud of the fact that there isn't a match or lighter to be found anywhere on the premises, so we had to fake the candle blowout. And while we watched the jets, we drank a bottle of Berringer syrah that Chuck picked out for us a few years back.