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Turning 50 on the Ramblas

Oct. 3, 2012

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Walking back to our hotel from a favorite bar somewhere off the Ramblas, we reached our hotel door at 11:40pm. We were tired, but did I really want to hit my half-century mark sitting in a hotel room, when the Ramblas was a few steps away?

So we waved off the doorman's offer and continued onto the brightly lit street and to a small, well-lit cafe where two fruity sangria drinks looked almost as refreshing as the coming morning's orange juice. Jen wasn't shy about telling anyone within earshot that it was my birthday. When midnight rolled around, three Belgian ladies, here on a ladies' weekend, joined in singing.

The next night, my real birthday, Jen surprised me by taking me to Casa de Calvet, a building designed by Gaudi as a private home and office for a textile magnate, now a fantastic restaurant with crispy sweet delicious lamb chops and scallops that really melted on our tongues like butter.